LFD 5 day diary

Tim's LFD Diary

Longevity Fasting

One of our fasters last month – Tim, was kind enough to write a diary of his experience with the Longevity Fasting Diet over the 5 days! We thought it could be helpful to new fasters to hear someone’s personal experiences during the LFD to help get an idea of what to expect, so we are sharing his diary entries (with permission) so you can take a read before you start your LFD.


Tim’s LFD Diary Entry – Day 1 

“The box has landed....and what looks like about 2 days normal food, is inside. Stomach and mind clenches in apprehension....But It looks very organised and at least the meal labels sound tasty.

My goal this week is to mould into the week, so rather than fighting the urge to eat or see what little I have to eat, is to embrace the simplicity of the week. Move calm, eat well, roll with stress. Be malleable. It’s not what I’m missing out on, it’s what I’m gaining. 

Kicking off with a breakfast muffin and a cold glass of lemon & water. I’d thought about dropping coffee for the week too but one change at a time is enough, I feel. But I’ll limit coffee to early mornings only and add herbal tea for the rest of the day. 

The muffin looks small...too small but this is no fluffy, air filled ‘nuffin’, it’s tasty, dense and surprisingly, just enough. Actually the hardest thing I find is drinking water in the morning....unless it’s built into an espresso.

Green Immunity Soup for lunch is surprisingly satisfying and bringing to work frozen, makes for a soothing lunch...at 2:15pm...with no extra coffees or carboholic morning tea and lunch, my ‘need’ for food is suppressed. Even gave away a large chocolate Easter Egg (although that could be to do with the 2.75kgs of chocolate hoovered over Easter)

Definitely noticed the cravings associated with driving home and wanting chocolate/cake/anything....and the ‘walk in the door, make myself feel better with food’ behaviour and the late evening ‘need’ for a snack. FMD really does help you spot your behavioural eating triggers, especially for stress management.” 

Weight: 94.4kg


Tim’s LFD diary entry – Day 2 

“My normal is stroll to kitchen, peanut butter and banana on toast, 2 espresso. High octane, high (rapid) satisfaction. Today though, 1 x Keto breakfast bar. Nice, good taste, just enough density to be satiating, capped off with just 1 espresso. Feeling good with a slight halo of virtuousness. Currently feels pretty good and no hunger. A 5 day goal is long enough to make a difference but also just short enough to see the end so my mind has flipped into ‘project focus mode’ to hit the 5 days. Feels like I’ve bought a ‘system’ or protocol rather than just a food kit.

Lunch day 2, again way later than usual with no ‘carb-distraction’. Left over Easter eggs laying round the office elicit no cravings ...incredible for a chocoholic. Pumpkin and ginger soup for lunch is tasty, spicy and enough. A slight, ‘spaced out’ feeling starting to emerge but also an overall ‘lightness’. 

5pm.....mmmmm pepperoni pizza....my old brain was craving salt, dough and cheese so we took it for a walk and that helped. Came home to chicken, feta and home made chips which I was able to ignore and tuck into my vege bake. Dinner tonight...looked tiny when you put it on the plate but these SIP packs are tasty and satisfying. Realising again how behaviourally and habit driven my eating is....TV watching = ‘must have chocolate’, walk in the door after an Auckland commute....’gimme biscuits!’. This week is as much about reconfiguring my brain and growing new synapse pathways for new habits as it is about fasting...fasting and regenerating, mind, mouth and meals.

Weight: 93.8kg


Tim’s LFD diary entry – Day 3

A night of peeing. Literally emptying out. Would’ve been up 4-5 times to pee and good hearty ones too (too much info?) 

Most mornings I do 5 min of yoga while waiting for my coffee, usually there’s creaks and groans and it’s hard to get malleable. This morning, new range of motion and softness in areas that, for years, have refused to budge. Happy hips.

Keto breakfast bars, just enough taste, density and satiation. 

Big brain day at work ahead, plus watching one of our sons play sport at 7:30pm, in a sports club with a great cafe - prime environment for cravings, so packing my SIP supplies into a cooler bag to take with me...’Be Prepared’ said Baden Powell. But I do have a nice mindset resolve having taken LFD on this week, I know the gains compound as the week goes on, so I have a different headspace that doesn’t see food as a reward for ‘a hard day’. The extra lift in energy also helps..

Moved to decaf coffee today. Enjoying not frying my brain with caffeine. Still gives the behavioural ‘trigger’ of a mental boost but without the agitation that generates a drive to consume sugar

Curried cauliflower soup. Yum. These meals are cunning, small in size but big in taste, that’s gotta be the key to portion control after this week, making sure taste is #1 rather than bulk.

Definitely a ‘spaced out’ feeling today and some head pressure. Probably safer not to drive during this time, noticed my reaction speed was down and not reading the traffic flow like normal.

Again, no cravings watching sport last night even though I was seated next to a great cafe but definitely noticed the urge for late night cheese toasties after getting home at 10:30....rode the ‘crave wave’ and it passed. Although noticing a wee voice in building in my head telling me to binge out on day 6....be gone, craving beelzebub!

Weight: 92.7kg (likely mostly water loss so far although my midlife belly is going down and clothes are looser)


Tim’s LFD diary entry – Day 4

In the groove now, it’s just normal. Morning routine of mini yoga, coffee, cold water (can finally stomach it) and Keto breakfast bar. Stomach flatter, face thinner, sleep deeper. 

Tonight, we have a 21st....alcohol, cake, pizza. Nice challenge. So far no one except my wife knows I’m doing the LFD week, I don’t want to make it a ‘thing’, so good project tonight to be social yet ‘on task’ and also hold back the FOMO. 

Bit of brain fog today, physically fine but mentally have to work on keeping focus. Slight dull headache pressure hanging in the background. But curried pumpkin soup proving a great refresher. Again the tasty bite of the curry helping to satisfy the taste buds and giving satiation.

Weirdly, at the 21st, for a choco/cake-oholic, I had no desire for the birthday cake or pizza. Partly I think from a, ‘I’m this far in why stuff up the last days’ feeling but I really just didn’t feel like them. Strange. And drinking sofa water and lime is enough of a social drinking replacement to still be social.

Weight: 92.2kg


Tim’s LFD diary entry – Day 5

A Saturday for me as I started on Tuesday. Saturday is typically my ‘treats as a reward for a big week’ morning, so, the usual almond croissant and poached eggs on toast, is replaced by a Keto muffin and homemade espresso. And the muffin has done the job. Dense enough to fill the, now smaller, hole in my stomach and tasty enough to fill the ‘taste hole’ in my brain. I could eat these every morning. 

Brain fog and head pressure gone this morning. Mid life belly also heading in reverse and my face has trimmed down a lot. Skin ‘fresher’ too. From what I’ve read about the Fasting Mimicking Diet protocol, it has a big effect on visceral and abdominal fat loss, the best fat to lose as its most dangerous for your health and also generates a ‘cascading’ effect of ill health across your body. Inside, my gut microbe will be almost renewed now which the sugar eating bacteria being replaced by health generating bacteria, that’s partly why the cravings have gone and why the fasting over the week actually gets easier.

Green soup for lunch, 2nd to last meal, or put another way, 2nd to last chance to re-health myself. A bit over soups now but nice and spicy to help alleviate the mastication boredom. 

From the outside looking in, comments are about how clear my skin is, colour is back in my face, clearer eyes and stomach flatter. 

The Last Supper 

Pumpkin Pasta Pot. Yum. Great way to finish. It’s been a pretty simple week. SIP Kitchen make this an easy, ‘plug and play, in your week so all the hard part of buying, prepping and making is fine for you. All I’ve had to do is stay on track and eat great for me, and great tasting, food. 

Tim’s LFD diary entry – Day 6

Weight: 90.3kg (94.4 kg on day 1)

Done. I’ve ‘re-healthed’ myself from inside out. I now have a new gut microbiome colony who are happily churning out great work. I’ve dropped 4kg, a chunk of which is abdominal and visceral fat and I’m lighter all over, mind and body.

Food tastes so much better today. Can taste every ingredient. I do have a ‘need’ to eat, almost like I’m refilling but trying to hold back that urge. One the key things of LFD is learning what’s actually hunger and what’s ‘hanger’. 

. . .

Two days later

Two days later now and it’s so nice to have a calm, functioning digestive system. It’s like my stomach’s been in a vacation and come back all fresh and keen to get into life. 

I’m eating too much, portion size growing but now can catch it earlier and re-size before it becomes normal. Smell and taste buds have changed and I’m now ‘meh’ to the sight of any sweet. Although popped in one chocolate biscuit yesterday and felt ‘the rush’ return so it would be good to keep a lid on that.

Slipping back into ‘normal’ life the goal is to manage stress so food is not therapy. Invest in better breakfasts and quality taste not processed fillers.

. . . 

Three days later

Ate the chocolate Easter egg that’s been on my desk for over a week. Revolting. Not going back there. And surprise...IBS rumbling back. Be gone.

Weight: 91kg