Fasting diets are the most popular and fastest-growing diets for improving health and longevity. We think that it's important to know how it works, the history of fasting, the research behind it, and the medical benefits of fasting to help ensure you are getting the most from whatever form of fasting you chose. Integrative Nutritionist Kaytee Boyd is our speaker for the seminar and will be talking about all things fasting such as:  

  • The basics of fasting - what you need to know to get started
  • The different types of fasts
  • The significant health and longevity benefits of fasting and fasting mimicking diets
  • The research behind fasting and fasting mimicking diets
  • The ins and outs of the Longevity Fasting Diet fasting mimicking diet

This seminar is perfect if you're interested in fasting diets but want a bit more info before you start. So grab a friend and come along for a fun and informative evening!



If this event is unable to go ahead at the date and time scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions, this seminar will be held at a later date or online and we will notify all ticket-holders of the rescheduled date and time as soon as possible.

Run by Sip Kitchen & The Boyd Clinic, founders of the Longevity Fasting Diet.