Fasting Protocol Background

The Longevity Fasting Diet is based on the clinical published research from the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” (FMDTM). The FMDTM​ is the culmination of decades of groundbreaking work on longevity and on the biochemical pathways by which cells age by Dr. Volter Longo and his team at University of Southern California (USC) Longevity Institute.

The 5-day FMDTM was developed with the goal of promoting healthy longevity through:
● Switching all cells to a protected anti-aging mode
● Encouraging cellular autophagy (the process by which your cells ‘self eat’ damaged parts of cells ‘cellular junk’, repurposing it into energy for healthy cells)
● Cell apoptosis and subsequent regeneration (killing off damaged cells and replacing them with newly regenerated cells from activated stem cells)
● Igniting fat burning through nutritional ketosis, in particular abdominal/visceral fat burning

Clinical Research 

In April 2017 outcomes from the first randomised clinical human trial were published, the results were post participants completing the FMDTM 5 days a month for three consecutive months.

The outcomes of the first randomised human trial of FMDTM were reported as including:

• Reduction in blood glucose and large increase in ketones
• 25%+ reduction in circulating Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)
• Orchestrate genes to increase cellular protection
• A reduction in blood pressure for those participants with moderately high blood pressure
• Turn on stem cell rejuvenation
• Autophagy & apoptosis switched on
• Reduction in C-Reactive Protein (CRP) & Interleukin 6 (IL-6)
• Positive changes in cholesterol and triglyceride levels
• Reduction in body weight, in particular visceral belly fat, with even increases in lean muscle mass
• A shift to produce more Lymphoid vs myeloid immune cells (T-Cells produced)

In essence this carefully constructed diet allows your body to trigger a set of highly coordinated protectionist measures that we biologically are capable of but which most of the time remain dormant due to our ready and stable supply of food. It allows your body to enhance its performance, rejuvenate its cells, and thrive under such circumstances.

It’s critical to understand:
• Just like a peak week of physical training is designed to create physical load and stress, the 5 day LFD creates a state of nutritional stress and mild immune suppression. With both increased physical load and nutritional stress it is the recovery or re-nourish period that allows the body to recover, adapt and improve. Hence the re-feed/re-nourish phase is critical to successfully locking in the LFD gains!
• All results are subject to individual variations and will depend on individual body types, blood chemistry and current states of health. The improvements made by participants in the FMDTM were biggest in blood glucose, weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol, IGF-1 etc for those who had the biggest gains to make.
• Participants whose health is within normal ranges still benefit from switching on the body’s cellular anti-aging ability (autophagy, apoptosis, stem cell regeneration) and improve their defence against disease.


Dr Valter Longo in conjunction with a food tech business L-Nutra developed a packaged shelf stable FMDTM meal kit called ProLon that over 10,000 patients have used in the US with no major side effects reported. ProLon will be available in NZ soon and is a great option if travelling, for those that don’t have storage space for a fresh organic whole-food version or if you miss getting signed up for a LFD wave with us.

• High micronutrient content (30-50% of recommended daily intake of vitamins minerals, and essential fatty acids, with 50% of them coming from natural sources)
• Proteins from plant-based sources, there is no room in the macros for animal sources
• Carbohydrates ideally from complex carbohydrate plant sources
• Fats primarily from “healthy” oils (coconut oil, olive oil) and nuts (almonds, macadamias)
• Less than 15g of sugars on day 1, and less than 12g of sugars on days 2-5