Longevity Fasting Diet intake 28 June - 2 July.

Your LFD meal pack must be picked up or delivered on Sunday 27 June. Please note that LFD pick-up will only be available at Sip Kitchen Rosedale during June. Delivery is still available. If you wish to have the LFD delivered outside of Auckland, please email info@longevityfasting.co.nz. 

Orders for this intake will close on Sunday 20 June.

LFD Meal Pack includes:

  • 5 days of meals and snacks that comply with the clinically defined nutrient and calorie FMDTM guidelines prepared by Sip Kitchen.

      • All meals are: organic | spray-free | 100% plant-based | gluten-free | dairy-free | sugar free | grain-free | paleo | all-natural | seasonal+  
  • In-depth meal plan
  • Macronutrient breakdown
  • Full ingredients list
  • Information on how to get the most from your fast
  • Information on Day 6 refeeding
  • Email support
  • Access to the LFD community on Facebook 

      +All meals are made with seasonal ingredients so are subject to variability. Because of this, meals may differ from those seen on this site.

      The breakfasts, snacks, and dessert are fresh and the rest of the meals are frozen. Please take your frozen meals out of the fridge/freezer a day in advance to defrost and then heat on the stove before eating.